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The Ideal Multi-Purpose Athletic Surface. Traction / TruSport is the ideal surface where an environmentally friendly material with excellent shock and sound absorption is desirable. TruSport is well suites for basketball, volleyball, aerobics, child care areas, student assemblies and general activities.

1. Base Layer  The base layer is designed to offer superior performance, including shock absorption and uniform performance.

2. Texture Layer  100% brilliant solid colors designed to last! Can be custom blend to match school colors or any architectural motif.

3. Core Layer  Designed for heavy competition, indoors and out, the core layer provides added compaction resistance while providing a superior, long-lasting shock pad.

4. Thickness  TruSport Multisport Surface is available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 & 14mm thickness

TruSport: Versatility, Durability, Economy. Traction's TruSport Multi-Purpose Athletic Surface is durable, easily maintained, mechanically strong and able to support heavy loads such as portable bleachers. Available in a variety of colors and thickness ranging from 6 to 14 mm, TruSport is the ideal choice for virtually any application, indoors or out, where an economical, resilient athletic floor is desirable.

Match Your School Colors. Traction's TruSport is available in eight classic colors including light & dark blue, light & dark gray, light & dark green as well as bright yellow and red. In addition, TruSport can be custom blended to match your school colors.

Custom Logos & Lettering. Custom lettering, logos and/or school mascots can be inlaid or screen printed, adding a special distinction and enhance school pride.

All-purpose prefabricated rubber athletic surface,
made from the finest synthetic and natural rubber compounds.
Unique embossing provides optimal traction, even when wet.
Proprietary base layer, designed for superior shock absorption
and uniform performance characteristics.
Suitable for all multi-sport activities including
volleyball, tennis & basketball.